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Investment Properties

Smart Money Mortgages - Investment Property

The investment property market has changed, has your mortgage changed with it?  How does your current mortgage provide you with an infusion of cash flow?  Does it leave you flexible in the event of circumstances beyond your control in receiving rent? (See 2020).

Being an investment property owner, you deal with changes on a daily basis.  Whether you are a single property owner seeking more properties or multi-property investors, chances are you are leaving $1000’s and $1000’s on the table.

Often, over the last 10 years, we have found that investment property owners are more concerned about getting a mortgage, instead of truly understanding the right mortgage.  There is a difference.  In fact, choose wrong and it will cost you right now and your ability to source and purchase more properties.

What category do you fall into:

  • Multi-state investor?
  • Mixed-use properties?
  • Exclusively for AirBnB?
  • Apartment complexes?
  • Condos?
  • Duplexes and four-plexes?

Believe it or not, there are lenders across the country seeking this very business today, with rates, terms, and flexibility you may have never seen in the non-owner occupied.  We put together the best in investment property mortgages.  Simply click the link and set a 10-minute overview.  That way we can understand your portfolio and how we can maximize its result.

Here is a bit of a guide for a new investor:

Please note, we put this together as a general guide. We customize our solutions for our customers, however, this can give you an idea of what may be needed.

After getting your loan, you will continue to be supported and educated by us on how to manage your mortgage. We offer this so you have expert guidance at all times.
Contact us any time with questions!