5 Things To Know About Severe Weather And Homeowners Insurance

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The average homeowner feels secure knowing they have insurance in the event of a severe weather calamity. Most people believe that no matter what happens, they have paid for protection against disaster. Unfortunately, not every homeowners insurance policy provides full reimbursement from severe weather losses. Hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and other rare catastrophes may not be covered under your current policy. Consider the impact of these extreme events and whether you are fully insured for the subsequent losses. 1: Hurricane Damage May Not Be Fully Covered The recent national mobilization to deal with the fallout from Hurricane Florence highlights just how…
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Rebuilding Costs: Rethinking How Much Homeowners Insurance You Really Need

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Buying a home comes with numerous financial planning obligations. It's far from a turn-key operation and one of the significant challenges involves developing a working knowledge about things often outside your area of expertise. For example, working as an educator, police officer, investment banker or office staffer does not necessarily make you an expert about home repairs or insurance coverage. Yet, the average homeowner is tasked with carrying a certain level of homeowners insurance coverage without a strong working knowledge. Many homeowners just purchase enough insurance to cover the purchase price or take the advice of others. Both of those…
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